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Chrissy & Penelope: Vintage Lust Revisted
11/22/16: Chrissy visits Penelope to induge their passion for sexy girdles. Chrissy can't resist enticing Penny and of course Penny can't resist Chrissy!

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Chrissy & Penelope: 
Light Bondage
10/23/16: Chrissy is basking in the afternoon sun when Penny comes in to gaze at Chrissy’s glorious golden body. Chrissy reaches out to her lover. Their two bodies come ... [ more ]

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Chrissy & Penelope: Ballerina Bondage
08/19/17: Penny ties Chrissy up by her toe shoes and applies her tongue and a Hitachi to Chrissy's wet pussy until Chrissy cums hard! Watch Video

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Oh! the lovely things we felt

When in your own best dress
and with much costly myrrh anointed
You sat next to me

And I threw 'round your delicate neck
garlands fashioned of many woven flowers

Your tender lips
I dared not touch
even as I longed to fulfill your longing

It is your delicacy I loved most
my sweet-voiced girl...
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