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January playes with her pussy
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Candace loves to masturbate
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chrissy & penelope

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10/23/16: Chrissy is basking in the afternoon sun when Penny comes in to gaze at Chrissy’s glorious golden body. Chrissy reaches out to her lover. Their two bodies come ... [ more ]

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Let us drink together
the Chian wine
and recline
on soft couches...

Overflowing our cups
on these purple cushions
Let us open our shapely thighs to the full-flushed Moon

Bless us, O Goddess! As we spread our gossamer silks
Chase our breasts with your silver light
that guides glancing fingers to delighted mouths

Hang there full-orbed Goddess
and may our revels please you!

‘Til your sister comes, radiant in the East
caressing with rosy fingers our exhausted bodies...

And let me not know then if the flush across your breasts is Hers...
or mine
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