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karina & alana

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Alana & Karina
11/04/16: Watch the playful nymphs, Alana and Karina splash in the summer sun. Reissue of one of our most popular photo sets.

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Alana & Karina: Cozy Playtime 3
09/07/16: Karina and Alana's afternoon delight.

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Alana & Karina: Cozy Playtime 2
06/03/16: Karina and Alana continue frolicking through a lazy morning at a B&B...

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Karina & Alana

Water daughter
flowing with the promise of my lust
you run through my fingers like

the small hands of rain
tickling me with laughter

flowing, seeping
into the cool clear sunlit stillness

of my heart
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