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Sasha & Audrey
01/05/05: The sultry twosome of Sasha and Audrey

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Sasha & Audrey

Hippolyta’s Child,
thou dost shine
with Aphrodite’s gift --
stars that crown thy brow
like dew on the Rose
that Night leaves softly in her wake

Bejeweled tresses
sweetening the milk of my affection
that runs in honeyed tendrils
down flesh warmed by my hands

By what strength, Queen’s Daughter
dost thou open me
so that I put off my crown --
my fine raiment
to be clothed only by thy looks?

That I bathe thee
Themiscyra’s Jewel
beggared by thy beauty?

With one long lone sigh
thou blind the eyes of Men

and open mine...
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