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Tessa: Opulence
04/18/18: Rich, lush, daring, sexual... Tessa gives it all to you....

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Tessa: Spring
03/21/18: As winter dies and the snow melts, Persephone is released from the cold gloom of Hades's bed to play in the sunlight. Breathing life into the world around her ... [ more ]

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Tessa: Flapper
02/20/18: Tessa, as the world's sexist flapper, captured by Chrissy Daniels

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Tessa O'Neil

Thais, you are a tease!
Do not deny it!

I see you wantoning for Andromeda
braiding lilacs in her hair
bending close to loose your fulsome breasts
to her hungering glance

Do not deny it!

I know you caress her while you dance
while my hands are captive to the lyre
my fingers married to the flute...

For shame! shameless wile-weaving girl!

To lift your skirts so!
Opening that heady scented night flower
plucked by how many?

Is it my jealous rage you seek?
To hammer, weld, and quench in your sweet well?

Keep your wiles, white-armed girl!
The flame you fan outshines your toying ways

We know the truth, you and I
and tonight
when our nectar overflows each otherís lips
you will taste of it...
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