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Astraea & Fierce
:: Astraea & Fierce ::

Karina & Alana
:: Karina & Alana ::

Candace loves to masturbate
:: Candace ::

Veronika nude and submissive
:: Veronika Lure ::


Latest Galleries:
Victoria in winter's sunlight.
12/22/05: Victoria's lithe body, painted with light.

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Victoria Returns
12/01/05: Lovely Victoria, one of the original Sappho's Girls, has a gestural dialog with us in front of the sun-drenched window.

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Victoria: The Reader
03/04/05: Sexy and soulful, Victoria will tuck you in with a special bedtime story.

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Wet lips, wine sweetened

sweetly touching
your shy rose
Do not hide her Xephyra!

Let Thais and me unfold her!
See! I offer three pearls to thee ó six!
Oyster fresh
take them with your lips

Give us your rose
whose petalís blush is hot against my blushing cheek...
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