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Kymberly Jane and Heather Gates making love!
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Penny's pussy!
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Latest Galleries:
Xephyra: Masked
09/12/05: As you stroll down a street, a stunning beauty, naked except for the mask hiding her identity, poses in a window above you. A voyeur's dream...

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Xephyra: Introductions
08/14/05: The exotic and sexy Xephyra gives you a slow strip from leather and fur to her bare, beautiful body.

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Xephyra & Zille: Femme Desire #2
01/07/05: A play in contrasts, fair-skinned Zille and olive-toned Xephyra strip the corsets from their bodies, legs entwine and fingers mingle...

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Wyld chylde, untempted by tranquil dreams
gives back the firelight
transposed in a ferine key

fur sister, feather daughter
flying unafraid to a sun

that is not so radiant as the heat
of you lying next to me...

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