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Welcome! Sappho's Girls introduces you to the most genuine lesbian erotic imagery and video available on the web. From the very begining, we at Sappho's Girls have aimed to celebrate the unabashed beauty of lesbian love and lust in the spirit of our name-sake, Sappho, the 10th Muse, the greatest poet of ancient times — and for many — of All Time.

Like Sappho, we display our love boldly, brashly and unashamed; presenting real lesbian sex and real orgasms as they should be - not as the mainstream male-dominated porn industry presents them: cheap, tawdry and fake. Here, you will see lesbian sexulaity in all its facets: romantic, poignant, playful, raw, kinky, intense, and at times even sorrowful.

We are members of the CyberDyke Network — Adult sites created for women and by women! On-line since 2001, we have been setting the standard for real lesbian porn ever since!

All images at right are from Sappho's Girls or our sister CyberDyke sites!

the CyberDyke Network . . .
    What's That?

The Cyber-Dyke Network is a joint effort among dyke webmistress who are committed to creating high-quality adult sites for other women and keeping the price low enough that everyone can enjoy them!

What does this mean to you?
It means if you've been in search of real lesbian porn and erotica, you've finally found it!

It also means that when you join Sappho's Girls, you also get membership to to the most incredible collection of adult sites for lesbians on the Web - sites like Darkplay, Posteriority, and Girl Tools. Once you have explored this site, a quick trip to CyberDyke will keep you current with all the CyberDyke network news and updates in one convienent place.

All CyberDyke sites share Sappho's Girls's commitment to Quality, Customer Care, Friendiless, and Reliablity. We webmistresses have come together to change the world of porn — we want our customers to get used to being treated with respect and dignity, to get what they pay for, and to be able to afford it!

Enough of the sales pitch?
Understood. Enjoy the free offerings here, read what our members say about us, learn more about what to expect as a member, and welcome to the best thing to come into our sex lives since the birth of the AA battery!

What our Member's say About Us:

"Sappho's girls is for and about the beauty of real, strong, intelligent women. Whether showing a woman reading a book (how many porn sites show that?!) or capturing a real dyke couple (in real clothes!) ordering in for pizza and then having sex over the empty box, this site shimmers with the fact that it is REAL. Athough the design and video editing are superb and beautiful, (not qualities one usually associates with "real, in these days of ugly "amateur" porn) Sappho's girls gives us the lesbian next door (whether you live in kinky San Francisco, like I do, or Peoria.) This site is worth both your time and money!"

Wet for days! L—"

"This is the first time I sent an e-mail to let someone know that I was a fan. I came across your site from a link and I haven't left since. The quality of your site, pictures and layouts, are outstanding. My two favorites are, "The Milkbath of Queen Zille" and your solo layout on ShavedDyke are exquisite!!! A picture may tell a hundred words but the only two I can think of is purely erotic!!! Your work is great!!!"

Thanks so very much! S—"

"Finally, a porn site I can legitimately enjoy! You gals rock! I have been looking at tons of web porn for like 3-4yrs and have never run into anything this great... Since my gf and I just recently got seriously into spanking and such, maybe I just wasn't looking for the right kinds of sites before? Duh. That's probably what we get for being two pervy dykes in Indiana. I Dunno. But I've also seen a lot of print and video porn, including dyke-made, but this is the best I've seen. It's intelligent, interesting, good quality, made by lezzies, AND hot as hell! Everything I've been looking for in a porn site w/out all the stupid misspelled crap and ugly hairdos and fake lesbian 'action'. The narratives are a great touch. It really adds to the pictorials. Have y'all considered releasing XXX or fetish videos? As I'm sure y'all well know, there's a real market for (good quality) lezzie-made stuff these days. Might be worth considering. Regardless, this is GREAT! Thanks ladies :)

Your very enthralled new member, E— "

"I just became member as of yesterday.. and I LOVE your site! I'm a girl from a very small town in M— and well you guys do all the things I wish I could. Its great to see someone fulfilling all of my fantasies...and your site is so true to format. Not many ads (or ads that don't pertain to the sites true meaning)either I like that also. I would love to be a model for you two beautiful ladies...but I don't have the "guts" for that... you girls are great at it!! I wish I had your strength.

Lots of love, L—"

"I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how beautiful you all are! The minute I see you I am immediately turned on. Thank you for creating a site that is so beautiful and full of fantasy.

Yours Truly A—"

"The site is great!!!!!! I've really never encountered one that turned me on so much. I guess I have a thing for 'dark fantasies'. I've never had the chance to experience BDSM, but it definitely gets me going like nothing else! I just wanted to let you know your doing a great job. Don't change a thing.

Thanks so much! M—"

What the Reviewers Say:

From Jane's Guide:
"This is one of those finds which is simply an honest pleasure, sufficient to brighten a day by itself. All too often on the net we find "lesbian" smut which is created by and for frat boys. Often the artificial-appearing women in that stuff don't really care for sex with other women, but are just punching a time card, and obviously so. It's beyond sad. That is NOT at all what you find here. Sapphos Girls is part of the CyberDyke network, which is all by women, for women, and just absolutely full of beautiful women. [Members will have access to other sites in the same network.] There are many samples on the front end to make your membership decision with — they are quite representative of what is inside. Inside, you will find gallery after gallery of either still image or video clip. The content is of either solo women, coupled women, or groups of women. Trust me — they all look like they like what they're doing a lot. A whole lot. ... That was consistent throughout Sappho Girls, by the way — tantalizing writing that sucked you in, pardon the expression. Little comments like: "...When we found out she loves Foucault as much as fucking, we had to have her...a girl and her butch lover — just hard sex on a hardwood floor...Fishnet-covered fingers in the most delicate places..." and more. Highly recommended."

From Rabbit's Reviews
"Beauty, lesbianism and intelligence? I think I might be entering into my dream world with Sapphos Girls and I must admit that I’m more than just a little excited to see this site..." Go read the whole thing!

From On Our Backs:
"Sapphosgirls is a unique new site that features beautiful girls with an intellectual edge. The images are tasteful, soft and artistically rendered. The models are natural beauties shot on lush, romantic sets. Adding to the intellectual edge are erotic videos featuring poetic fantasies, a sultry brunette reading naked in bed and a sexy scene triggered by a visit to the library. Each photo set is also accompanied by a brief text that helps to set up and intelligent, erotic, atmosphere. Sapphosgirls reflects the high quality and unique style that fans of the CyberDyke Network have come to expect."

What you can expect from us:

  • Frequent Updates — We now update at least twice a week and the CyberDyke Network updates every day! We have never missed an update and we are very proud of our track record.

  • More Than Just Photos — We do have some of the best photographers on the Web featured on this site, but we also value other forms of artistic expression — especially video! We have a collection of written erotica (by ourselves or by guest authors), and we are constantly working on our large and expanding video library as well.

  • Exclusive High-Quality Photos and Videos — All the content on Sappho's Girls is exclusive! We see our site not only as a porn site, but as an art site, and we are constantly striving to reach new artistic (and pornographic!) heights. You will not come across another site like this one anywhere!

  • Realness — We are real. Nothing here is faked. That would not be much fun for us — and we love having fun! We show only real bodies, real sex, and genuine orgasms!

  • Communication — We like to keep in touch with what members want to see, and we love to fulfill special requests. We respond promptly to our email, whether it be a fan’s request or a member’s technical question.

  • Privacy — As much as we love our "CyberDyke family", we will never pressure anyone to join an email list or sign up for a service they do not want. We will not share information about you with anyone outside CyberDyke *ever* and we will do all in our power to see that others do not get access to your information.

Please come on in and join us!

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