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 Ginger & Jo: Friction
Ginger & Jo: Friction
will post on 08/24/19
7:13 minutes

 Mina & Natalie: 69
08/18/19, 7:43 minutes

Mina and Natalie start with some cuddling and kissing, but they’re both hungry for more. They push back the sheets and get in position, and start licking and moaning.

 Lena: Masturbate #2
08/12/19, 8:34 minutes

Lena is watching again. She sneaks in to watch a shoot and doesn’t realize that the camera is running. Watching her hand bounce around under her panties and see how she pulls ... [ more ]

 Penelope: Hot & Wet #2
08/06/19, 5:06 minutes

Penelope brings her shower to an exciting climax!

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 Ginger & Jo: al Fresco Fuck
07/30/19, 10:37 minutes

Ginger & Jo indulge in some al fresco fucking for you...

 Geena: Always Cumming Home #2
07/24/19, 7:54 minutes

Geena continues her late night adventures on the bed with her favorite dildo. Watch her spread her legs to finger fuck, masturbate and play with her dildo. Geena shows off ... [ more ]

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 Alexa Star: Bottle Fuck
07/18/19, 6:48 minutes

Alexa is on a business trip, a long way from home and her lovers. She consoles herself in her hotel room with nip from the bottles and then proceeds to work off the day's ... [ more ]

 Ginger & Jo: Hot Swap
07/12/19, 7:04 minutes

Video: Ginger & Jo engage in a little hot swapping. The butch takes it cumming and going!

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 Penelope: Art & Orgasm
07/06/19, 5:55 minutes

Penelope fucks herself to orgasm with a hand-blown objet d'art after contemplating the work of her favorite erotic photographer...

 Alexa Star: The Red Couch #2
06/30/19, 5:06 minutes

Alexa is feeling quite nice when she pulls out her entire arsenal of sex toys! Dildos and vibrators and everything! This wild woman wants it all and gets what she wants!

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 Alexa Star: The Red Couch #3
06/24/19, 8:42 minutes

The thrilling climax of Alexa's masturbation session on her red couch!

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 Ginger & Jo: Hot Swap #2
06/18/19, 7:04 minutes

Video: Ginger & Jo continue their hot swapping adventure!

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 Alexa Star: The Red Couch
06/12/19, 5:33 minutes

Australian beauty, Alexa, enjoys some solo time on the couch warming up for some larger toys.

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 Ginger & Jo: Hot Swap #3
06/06/19, 7:00 minutes

Jo is lying back to relax but Ginger keeps her aroused with a skilled tongue performance. Then she reaches up inside Jo, finger fucking her and rubbing her hard clit. They ... [ more ]

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 Mina Masturbates
12/30/18, 5:40 minutes

Lovely and lusty Mina sits alone in her high heel shoes and smooth silky stockings. Without her lover she entertains herself and makes love to herself.

 Fuschia: Rabbit Habit
12/24/18, 6:12 minutes

Fuschia shares her first time with the Rabbit Habit. It looks like she wasn’t expecting it to work so well and she let’s herself have a real noisy orgasm for you on camera. ... [ more ]

 Dee & Roxxie: Fist Fuck Finale!
12/18/18, 5:08 minutes

Roxxie keeps stroking Dee’s pussy while she screams out and finally puts all five fingers, gloved in sexy black latex, in Dee’s wet pussy!

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 Dee & Roxxie: Fist My Pussy!
12/12/18, 5:08 minutes

Dee and Roxxie hook up for some five-finger action. And this is only the beginning!

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 Chrissy & Penelope: Girdle Love #2
12/06/18, 7:18 minutes

Chrissy and Penny lustily lick each other in the middle of the foyer. In a sixty-nine, they finger, lick, and eat each other out.

 Fushia: Play
11/30/18, 7:00 minutes

Fushia has a free afternoon at home, so she strips off her clothes, caresses herself and works on pleasing her pretty pink pussy with her vibrator.

 Fushia: Dildo Joy
11/24/18, 7:22 minutes

Gorgeous Fushia pets her pretty pink pussy and brings herself to a screaming orgasm!

 Nikki, Lena, & Michelle Aston: Threesome
11/18/18, 8:18 minutes

Michelle was in our studio getting a relaxing massage while Nikki & Lena got vanilla with each other. Of course, when she came back, she wanting in on the fun, and who would ... [ more ]

 Ginger & Jo: Strap-on Magic
11/12/18, 10:23 minutes

Ginger & Jo sharing a passionate strap-on fuck with you ...

 Serafina & Zoe:  Welcome Home! #3
11/06/18, 9:46 minutes

Serafina and Zoe enjoy more oral and digital pleasures in their bath...

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 Serafina & Zoe: Welcome Home! #2
10/31/18, 8:51 minutes

Serafina invites Zoe into a nice warm bath... and then gets frisky with her lover's ass!

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 Serafina & Zoe: Welcome Home!
10/25/18, 7:38 minutes

Serafina awaits her partner naked and wet... because she's drawn a nice warm bath!

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 Serafina & Zoe: Strap-on Heaven
10/19/18, 9:47 minutes

Serafina & Zoe return for a hard-core strap-on session on their couch! This is perhaps our hottest video of our favorite RL lesbian couple! After the fucking comes plenty ... [ more ]

 Penelope: Art & Orgasm #2
10/13/18, 4:46 minutes

Finale of Penelope fucking herself to orgasm with a hand-blown objet d'art after contemplating the work of her favorite erotic photographer...

 Anna: Crystalized Pleasure
10/07/18, 9:01 minutes

Anna gets frisky with a couple of new toys!

 Daphne & Chrissy: Thigh One On!
10/01/18, 8:22 minutes

Chrissy bought a new toy - a thigh harness! And she also has a willing Daphne who's wild to be fucked with it!

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 Daphne: Solo #3
09/25/18, 9:09 minutes

Now nicely fucked, Daphne goes for a couple more orgasms with a vibrating egg as a sweet cool-down...

 Chrissy & Penelope: A Night on the Town #2
09/19/18, 13:16 minutes

The second installment of Chrissy & Penny and their night of delicious sex!

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 Daphne: Solo #2
09/13/18, 6:42 minutes

All warmed up by a couple of orgasms from our bullet vide, Daphne is ready to grab a dildo and get serious...

 Nikki & Lena: Just Fuck Me!
09/07/18, 5:53 minutes

Nikki & Lena have had a long day of filming hot kinky porn for us. It was time to a break from all the fun accessories and indulge each other in some good old-time no-frils ... [ more ]

 Daphne: Solo
09/01/18, 6:19 minutes

Daphne told us she doesn't get enough time to masturbate, so we gave her a bullet vibe and a dildo and left her to her own devices...

 Ginger & Jo: Fuck Me!
08/26/18, 7:22 minutes

Just fucking - hot & uncomplicated!

 Anna & Penelope #2
08/20/18, 5:48 minutes

More of Anna and Penelope. Anna did the honors in before; now it's her turn to lie back and enjoy!

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 Chrissy & Penelope: Girdle Love
08/18/18, 7:15 minutes

Chrissy, clad in her sexiest stockings and a girdle, is waiting for her lover to arrive. Penny knows what Chrissy likes so she hurries over to ravish her. Real deep kisses, ... [ more ]

 Dee & Roxxie: More Strap-on Fun!
08/14/18, 4:49 minutes

Roxxie gets off riding Dee's cock in this fun-filled fuck session!

 Daphne & Chrissy: Stairway to Heaven #2
08/08/18, 6:20 minutes

The conclusion of Chrissy & Daphne's romp on the stairs!

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 Dee & Roxxie: Strap-on Fun!
08/02/18, 5:28 minutes

Deee comes over (so to speak) to visit Roxxie. She wants a little strap-on action and Dee's ready to give her a lot!

 Minx on Minx
07/27/18, 7:24 minutes

Natalie Minx and Minx of MinxAddiction get frisky with each other!

 Mina: Good Vibes #2
07/21/18, 10:09 minutes

Mina gets her pleasure from the Hitachi with an earthquake orgasm coming from between her silky stocking-clad legs.

 Serafina & Zoe: Cozy Sex
07/15/18, 33:50 minutes

Serafina and her partner Zoe - straight from their bedroom to you! This video is 34 minutes long, so be prepared to enjoy!

 Mina: Good Vibes
07/09/18, 7:08 minutes

Lovely Mina, alone in the house, gives herself some time with the Hitachi. She starts by seducing herself, slips out of her lingerie and continues caressing her long nude ... [ more ]

 Kymberly Jane: Bath Fun #2
07/03/18, 4:40 minutes

Kym enjoys the wetness of her bath and the wetness of her body. You will find yourself getting rather wet and needing a bath too!

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 Kymberly Jane: Bath Fun
06/27/18, 6:14 minutes

Kym slips out of her red dress and shoes and slides into a warm bath. She's trying to relax and does some self massage to make the relaxation more pleasurable.

 Amber: Siesta
06/21/18, 5:46 minutes

Sultry hot Amber can't take the summer heat. She goes out to cool down on the patio, but she strips out of her flimsy sheer robe and creates some of her own heat. Real loud ... [ more ]

 Chrissy & Penelope: A Night on the Town #3
06/15/18, 13:25 minutes

The final installment of Chrissy & Penny and their night of delicious sex!

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 Chrissy & Penelope: D&D #2
06/09/18, 7:40 minutes

Chrissy and Penelope continue their naughty games. Chrissy scores oral sex from Penelope, but who will win in the end?

 Chrissy & Penelope: D&D!
06/03/18, 7:22 minutes

Penny shows Chrissy the in's & out's of D&D. Chrissy prefers the in's & out's of tongues and fingers!

 Heather Gates: Tease #2
05/28/18, 6:56 minutes

Heather isn't just a tease, she's turned into a naughty grrl! She's getting her fingers into everything, or rather into herself. Watch her finger bang her pretty pussy and ... [ more ]

 Heather Gates: Tease
05/22/18, 7:12 minutes

Heather Gates is home alone and does a teasing strip show to reveal her stocking tops and pink pussy. She just can't keep her hands off herself, her breasts and her cunt. ... [ more ]

 Chrissy & Penelope: D&D #3
05/16/18, 5:42 minutes

After spending the afternoon playing in the sunlight, Chrissy gets to business, fingering Penny. Watch Penny’s real tense orgasm! I think they both win this game. Chrissy ... [ more ]

 Fuschia's Fingers #2
04/28/18, 6:17 minutes

Fushia’s clit is really sensitive to the vibrations. Some gentle stroking helps her relax enough for a nice loud orgasm!

 Fushia's Fingers
04/22/18, 6:39 minutes

Fushia fingers herself in the soft evening light. After stroking herself for a while she uses vibrating Fukuoku fingertips. Quite a bit of delight!

 Chrissy & Penelope: Shower Sex #2
04/16/18, 6:08 minutes

Chrissy and Penny continue their shower play. The rousing climax as Penny has her way with Chrissy!

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 Amber: Redux
04/10/18, 6:32 minutes

Lovely Amber continues her afternoon's amusements, adding a vibe to the pleasure of her fingers.

 Daphne & Chrissy: Stairway to Heaven
04/04/18, 6:12 minutes

The video that accompanies our earlier photo set.

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 Anna & Penelope #1
03/29/18, 9:10 minutes

Anna and Penelope getting acquainted. Kissing leads to fingers wandering and tongues dipping into... well, you get the idea!

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 Chrissy & Penelope: A Night on the Town
03/23/18, 13:00 minutes

Chrissy & Penny return from an evening of dining and dancing to shed their sumptuous gowns for a night of delicious sex! The first 13-min installment of a 40-min video. Don't ... [ more ]

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 Mina & Natalie: Strap-On Fuck
03/17/18, 8:53 minutes

On New Year's Eve, Natalie has another surprise for her lusty lover, Mina! Natalie comes in with her cock and gives Mina a good loving fuck. They gently caress and cuddle ... [ more ]

 Amber: In the Kitchen #2
03/11/18, 4:24 minutes

Spicy Amber boils over in the kitchen. She has a real shaking moaning orgasm just in time for dinner.

 Nikki & Zille: Pure Sex #2
03/05/18, 10:00 minutes

The conclusion of how Nikki & Zille met - and what happened next!

 Ginger & Jo: Fuck!
02/27/18, 7:24 minutes

Jo lays back to take a huge cock from her femme lover, Ginger! Not to mention the hot moaning cock sucking and breast worship. More hot-swapping action here at Sappho's Girls! ... [ more ]

 Nikki & Zille: Pure Sex #1
02/21/18, 11:00 minutes

How Nikki & Zille met - and what happened next!

 January & Mina
02/15/18, 9:22 minutes

January and Mina, two teasing lovers, have oral sex and use vibrators to help relive the pressure before going out for the evening. Lots of real deep kisses and naughty giggles. ... [ more ]

 Lena & Lorelei: Pure Sex #2
02/09/18, 5:32 minutes

Part 2 of Lena & Lorelei's love fest...

 Candace: Bad Attitude #2
02/03/18, 8:47 minutes

After a nice warm-up with her fingers, Candace reaches for her favorite dildo...

 Candace: Bad Attitude
01/28/18, 9:34 minutes

All warmed up from an evening's naughty reading, Candace indulges in the thing she likes best.. when she's alone that is!

 Slyde & Prudence: Fun Fuck #3
01/22/18, 6:53 minutes

The orgasmic conclusion of Slyde & Prudence's fucking frolic! Last installment of this 21-min video.

 Slyde & Prudence: Fun Fuck #2
01/16/18, 8:15 minutes

More of Slyde & Prudence! Second installment of this 21-min video.

 Slyde & Prudence: Fun Fuck
01/10/18, 6:41 minutes

Welcome this totally hot, all-natural, and very noisy couple! Slyde & Prudence get sexy, play dress-up and fuck like there's no tomorrow in this 21-min video. First of 3 ... [ more ]

 Karina & Zille: Sappho's Touch (reissue)
01/04/18, 5:56 minutes

While wandering through the library of a historic hotel, Karina discovers an old dusty edition of poetry. As she sits to read these poems once forgotten, she imagines the ... [ more ]

 Chrissy & Penelope: Shower Sex
12/29/17, 9:23 minutes

Chrissy and Penny share a shower after a fun-filled day of sexual frolicking. Of course, the fun continues as they lick, finger fuck, and enjoy some shower head!

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 Amber: In the Kitchen
12/23/17, 5:15 minutes

Amber is fixing us something for dinner but her pent up energy needs release before she can finish cooking. She's quite a dish!

 Heather & Natalie: Cloud 69 #2
12/11/17, 6:49 minutes

Oral sex dream come true! These two lesbians are licking, sucking and slurping each other's soft wet sweet pussy. After a rollicking orgasmic session in bed, Heather wakes ... [ more ]

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 Mina & Natalie: 69 #2
12/05/17, 7:10 minutes

More lusty licking! Mina and Natalie continue working on each other until they both come. Real orgasms! Real cuddling and kissing.

 Heather & Natalie: Cloud 69
11/29/17, 7:42 minutes

Heather is horny and dreams of her far off lover, Natalie. Real deep kisses, real breast worship, and of course lots of real red hot lesbian pussy licking!

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 Mina: Strip #2
11/23/17, 6:46 minutes

Mina finishes her lusty strip tease. After touching her body she strips off her pretty panties and gives you a stocking clad leg show. She strips off the stockings and garters ... [ more ]

 Mina: Strip
11/17/17, 6:13 minutes

Hot sultry Mina puts on a strip tease for you! First gets comfortable on the bed and peels off her corset Stocking play and lingerie tease!

 Dee: Cum for Me! #3
11/11/17, 10:39 minutes

The orgasmic conclusion of Dee’s first time on camera! This is a woman that knows how to please herself, and is comfortable in her own sexy skin. Real pounding throbbing ... [ more ]

 Dee: Cum for Me! #2
11/05/17, 9:27 minutes

Dee does her erotic fingerdance across her body. She is her own best lover, as she gently caresses herself and strokes every part.

 Penelope & Face: 1st Date
10/30/17, 9:24 minutes

Penelope takes some time out from her kinky adventures with her new lover to enjoy some sweet vanilla sex...

 Geena: Long Hot Bath #2
10/24/17, 5:29 minutes

Geena is dripping wet and toying with herself in the bath. She has a slick stiff glass dildo that she slides in and out. Watch they way she moves through the water, her long ... [ more ]

 Anna & Penelope #3
10/18/17, 8:13 minutes

The orgasmic conclusion to Anna and Penelope's sexy romp!

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 Dee: Cum for Me!
10/12/17, 9:55 minutes

Video of Dee’s first time on camera! She gets comfortable and gets to know herself very well, caressing herself all over and stripping for her own pleasure. Don’t worry; ... [ more ]

 Geena: Long Hot Bath
10/06/17, 5:31 minutes

Geena is wet and naked in the bath, wearing her favorite stiletto heel pumps. She caresses her slick wet skin and lets her hands wander down to her pussy. Watch her get soaked ... [ more ]

 Lena & Sybil: Bed Time #2
09/30/17, 8:21 minutes

Sybil teases Lena; Lena fucks Sybil... it all good!

 Lena & Sybil: Bed Time
09/24/17, 9:04 minutes

Resting from their previous exertions, Lena wakes up to find Sybil irresistable. Wouldn't you?

 Amber: Quivering with Delight
09/18/17, 6:02 minutes

Amber enjoys her decadent afternoon playtime, quivering with pleasure. Real earthquake orgasm!

 Lena & Em: On the Hardwood
09/12/17, 8:21 minutes

Video of Lena & and her butch lover, Em - just hard sex on a hardwood floor!

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 Daphne & Chrissy: 
Thigh One On #2
09/06/17, 7:29 minutes

Chrissy has wet & willing Daphne cumming hard on her thigh harness!

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 Lena & Lorelei: Pure Sex
08/31/17, 6:32 minutes

Nothing fancy here: just two lovely ladies leading each other to lucious orgasms, again and again...

 January: End of Semester
08/25/17, 8:40 minutes

January can't wait for the end of the semester. She's tired and bored of studying so she takes a break to relieve some pressure! She gets really wet while masturbating with ... [ more ]

 Chrissy & Penelope: Ballerina Bondage
08/19/17, 7:00 minutes

Penny ties Chrissy up by her toe shoes and applies her tongue and a Hitachi to Chrissy's wet pussy until Chrissy cums hard!

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 Mina Masturbates #2
08/13/17, 5:15 minutes

Mina needs more intensity than what she can get from just her hand, so she reaches for her strong vibrator. She gets hot and flushed and moans with pleasure.

 Heather Gates: Strip! #3
08/07/17, 5:40 minutes

Heather finishes fingering herself on the couch. She’s sucking and licking all her juices off her fingers as she draws out a long loud orgasm!

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 Andrea: More Solo Pleasure
08/01/17, 7:25 minutes

Andrea keeps masturbating and cumming, very turned on by Kym masturbating next to her. Very soon you'll see what happens next! Tags: redhead, manual masturbation, big ... [ more ]

 Andrea: Solo Pleasure
07/29/17, 8:36 minutes

Red hot redhead Andrea is masturbating on the bed. She is bare between the sheets, stroking her big boobs and rubbing her wet pussy. She really knows how to take care of ... [ more ]

 Geena: Always Cumming Home
07/23/17, 7:34 minutes

We took Geena home after a night at the club and she gave us a sensual slutty striptease. Once she gets her panties and bra off she can't resist her perfect pierced breasts ... [ more ]

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 Sapphire: Stairway to Heaven
07/17/17, 9:01 minutes

Sapphire masturbates in the stairwell of an empty warehouse!

 Satine: Hand-blown Delight
07/11/17, 8:00 minutes

Satine, perfectly naked and masturbating for you...

 Satine: In the pink
07/05/17, 11:11 minutes

Satine teases and pleases us with her favorite vibrating dildo...

 January:  Cumming Home
06/29/17, 13:20 minutes

January, our favorite fetish lover, arrives home, slips into some more comfortable - latex & boots! - and masturbates for you in this uber-hawt video!

 Kym's Purple Vibrator
06/23/17, 6:05 minutes

Kym sits in the afternoon heat, stroking her smooth body. She just can't take the tension anymore and she pulls out her favorite little vibrator. Tickling her clit and inserting ... [ more ]

 Lena & Sybil: Rough Fuck
06/17/17, 7:40 minutes

Staff Fav: Sybil takes Lena to her basement and introduces her to her big black strap-on! Enjoy this uber-hot video and come back soon -- next time, it's Lena's turn to drive...

 Amber: Erotic Repose
06/11/17, 6:40 minutes

Amber is taking some time for herself, and of course she can't keep her hands off her smooth hot body. She slowly and sensually slides out of her robe and starts to arouse ... [ more ]

 Kymberly Jane: Hot Summer Nights
06/05/17, 5:30 minutes

Kym gets comfortable in her chair on a hot late afternoon. The hot air on her skin drives her to caress her hot body and work up a sweat.

 Penelope: Hot & Wet
05/30/17, 6:26 minutes

Penelope takes a long hot shower. She very much enjoys herself and you should too...

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 Face: Toy Time
05/24/17, 9:04 minutes

Face enjoys herself solo with the hand-blown glass dildo.

 Fuschia: Pink Pleasure
05/18/17, 8:41 minutes

After a nice long warm-up with her fingers, Fuschia raeches for the elegantly curved, G-Spot-stimulating acrylic dildo.

 Fuschia: Warm-up Exercises
05/12/17, 9:04 minutes

Welcome Fuschia to Sappho's Girls! She's a sweet young thing with a lovely tight body and wicked desire to masturbate! And she loves to share. . . Enjoy!

 Chrissy, Sunny & Penelope: The 3 Graces
05/06/17, 11:14 minutes

Chrissy, Sunny, and Penelope recreate a classic theme in the sexiest possible way.

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 Sunny cums calling!
01/05/15, 7:38 minutes

Sunny comes by to hang out a bit and masturbate. It's an effect we have on people...

 Chrissy & Sunny: First Dates #3
11/18/14, 11:28 minutes

The final installment of Chrissy & Sunny's first time fucking each other!

 Chrissy & Sunny: First Dates #2
11/12/14, 8:03 minutes

The second installment of Chrissy & Sunny's first time fucking each other.

 Chrissy & Sunny: First Date
10/25/14, 13:40 minutes

The first time Chrissy & Sunny fucked! Lots of fingering, fucking and licking in this 22-minute video. In this first installment, Sunny fucks Chrissy with a strap-on! You ... [ more ]

 Sunny: Cumming Home!
08/02/14, 7:08 minutes

Part 2 of Sunny masturbating for us -- this girl is irrepressible! She just keeps going and keeps coming...

 Sunny: Smokin' hottt!
07/03/14, 11:43 minutes

Sunny relaxing with a cigarette and an orgasm... or 3!

 Sapphire & Artemis #2
12/15/10, 9:52 minutes

Sapphire and Artemis are a truly affectionate butch & femme couple. Watch their sweet embraces, tender touches and raunchy strap on sex.

 Sapphire & Artemis
12/02/10, 10:01 minutes

Rough, playful and loving, I caught Sapphire and Artemis playing around one evening. Big butch Artemis has her big strap on to tease Sapphire with, but Sapphire seems like ... [ more ]

 Zahna: Masturbate
11/28/10, 5:44 minutes

Fit hot Zahna strips down and gets comfortable on our couch. She licks her fingers hungrily and strokes her meaty pussy. She strokes both her tight holes!

 Zahna: Bliss
07/22/10, 6:05 minutes

Ahna is in a total bliss state as she plays with the sleek shiny Njoy dildo and rubs her delicious clit. Eyes closed and head thrown back! This woman knows what she wants. ... [ more ]

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